Friday, April 07, 2006

So Happy

Tummy Time
I swear, he acts like he wants to crawl already!
He gets his little knees underneath his belly.
He tries to push out with his feet.
He manages to move, but more sideways than forward or backwards.
You can see his birthmark on his thigh in this picture.


Kindra(from yahoo 360) said...

He could crawl soon. Anna was crawling at four months. She never could sit up as a baby but she could crawl. But hey wouldn't you rather crawl than just there too!

Alison said...

Wow, that would be crazy if he was crawling in the next few weeks! My oldest crawled when she was 5 mths and I thought that was early!

How funny that Anna couldn't sit but could crawl! That's neat :) I'm sure she was thrilled to be able to get around rather than just sit there! hehe

Jessica said...

I know what you mean, Veronica is strong w/her legs. She doesn't care to be on her belly too much, shoot she doesn't care to be down too much LOL. Such a sweet smile he has :D Are his eyes still blue?

Alison said...

lol @ Veronica not wanting to be down... hehehe

Oh yes, his eyes are still blue.

I'm going to post a few new pictures and I think you can see them in them.

Jessica said...

OH, and her not wanting to be down is making it hard for me b/c I'm not supposed to lift on her at all! Xavier's been moving her from room to room for me.