Tuesday, February 03, 2015

School Crap

So frustrating!  Wyatt has an "F" in Math for the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd 6 weeks!!!  He can only pass if he gets "C's" for the next 3 6 weeks!!!  :-/  They're going so fast... it's like there's a new math lesson every week before the last lesson was even mastered!  Geez... I think Wyatt got lost when it was just addition and subtraction with 3 numbers!!!  It's because of Common Core :(

I met up with his teacher today.  We discussed what we can do.  She said Wyatt is very distracted... in his own world a lot of the times.  She said she can have him sit at her desk when she gives them homework time and give him incentives to actually do it.  Snacks, stickers, erasers, etc... And also that she'd have the aide work solely on math when she comes in.  She also said she'd check with learning center to see if they're working on the same lessons.  I'll talk to Wyatt about focusing in class.  I also told her I'd work on incentives too... like pay him for each grade on his weekly test papers (not "F's" obviously... maybe not even "D's" either; I'll see).  I had told her how we're working on homework until past his bedtime Monday - Thursday.  She said she'll try to get him to get most (if not all) done before leaving school (this would be at those times she gives them for homework or any other free time).

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