Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stuff Wyatt Says

So, the other day, while we were in GA, I wake up but stay on the mattress.  Wyatt wakes up shortly and hugs me than says, "I'm going to do what you usually do in the mornings".  I'm thinking that he means to go pee and get coffee... ha ha ha  So, I ask what is it that I usually do?  He says, "I'm going to leave you by yourself while I get up!"  heh heh heh  I tell him I only do that so that he can sleep longer! :)

Another day, he comes up and hugs me.  He tells me, "I like giving you random hugs!"  And I'm like, yeah, I like your hugs :)  Then he says, "You give me random hugs... but, its kind of obvious because I can hear you tip toe behind me." :D  ha ha ha  The words he says...

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