Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2 Years Later...

Yes, Yes, Yes, I know!  Shame on me for not blogging for the last 2 yrs!!!

My sweetie, Wyatt :)  He's 6½ and in 1st grade :)  He is doing really well so far :)  He, of course, like most any other kid, doesn't like having to do homework Mon-Thur...
This is his second year with the Flea/Flies.  He is a Fly.  He has practice twice a week and I think he's enjoying it :))  His game is on November 4th, 2012 (Sunday).
He's lost 6 baby teeth.  He wears a size 6 slim.  He is cut!  Six-pack already!  Does front flips on the trampoline.  He still has a problem saying some words but, its getting better.  I really think the speech impediment two of my kids have had may be genetic... because from what I've been told all my life, he sounds just like I did! LOL  Also, my sister, Cherie, used to have a problem (just not too bad) bc she's the reason I had a nickname until I got to Kindergarten!  She couldn't say my name right and sounded more like a curse word... ass-in... :-P  And her 3rd daughter had a speech thing.  My oldest sister's 4th child had a speech thing... And I remember my 1st cousin being in speech for a while... so, I'm thinking its genetic! ha ha ha

And Wyatt will be a Dementor from Harry Potter for Halloween this year!  He picked it out after looking at countless amounts of costumes online and in Wal-Mart.   He was going with werewolf for a while and when he saw the dementor's costume, that's the one he wanted! :D  So, it came in yesterday and he just had to try it on after football practice! :D  Loves it, of course!  I'll post pictures!!!  Promise!!!

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