Monday, December 10, 2007

Chicken Pox Update

Well, we just got back from the local family clinic to verify his pox... and the doctor said its definitely chicken pox. We were kind of concerned that it wasn't because now, they look like ringworms almost. But, he says that's how they heal. He said they don't see it too often due to the vaccination crap... but, without doing any blood tests or anything else, he believes it to be the pox. So, yay!

Also said he is no longer contagious. Said once it starts scabbing over, no longer contagious.

He did prescribe some steroid treatment but its not like I have to do it, ya know? I mainly wanted to know for sure it was chicken pox... make sure I'm doing the right stuff for him.

Jessica, I've been putting Aveeno on them. I do have echinecea but, the stuff that I have is so strong, I can't even tolerate it unless I dilute it heavily in juice... so, how can I expect him to take it? I need to make a trip to the health food store and get some better tasting one for the kids... but, I hate bringing him out in public like that!

As for the girls... Calista has a few spots on her face, a couple on her arm and leg. Jeremy says its the same as what Wyatt has. Why not the severity? I'm thinking that the girls must have had them previously. Like Ursula... back when she was 14 to 15 mths old, she had a rash from head to toe. I thought it was milk allergy because once I stopped eating dairy, it started going away. Maybe that was just coincidence? And Calista... back before we moved away from Raceland, when she was 2 yrs old... maybe a couple of months younger, she had these big, circular, crusty scabs all over.. not as bad as Wyatt... but, there were a good bit of them and they were big. At the time, I was like, what is this? Small pox? LOL But, maybe it was chicken pox? I also thought it was due to her scratching her mosquito and ant bites... but, you know, she never got anything that looked like that again. And as for as Ursula, she would get a rash whenever she'd have dairy after that episode when she was 14 to 15 mths.

So, I don't know about the girls. I just think its funny that they didn't have anything like he has.

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