Friday, November 23, 2007

Wyatt's 23 Months!

Okay, now nothing is safe from Wyatt. He can open all doors (except our screen door and Jeremy's car door). So, he likes to open the refridgerator and look for stuff... or just hang out in there... good thing he can't close it on himself! He likes to get tomatos out and eat them like apples :)
He not only likes climbing up on anything and everything, he now wants to figure out to get down... like, he climbs up on the top bunk and gets down from the side by dropping onto the lower bunk. He climbs into his high chair and climbs out.
He loves hanging on stuff. He'll find stuff to hang off of. Like the handle of the lawnmower. Like branches from our Confederate Rose bush/tree/whatever it is. Our arms. Whatever is in his reach... he'll pull his legs up and hang there... sometimes swing :)
Hair! Looks like he has more hair at this age than either of my girls! lol
Speech: Sounds like he's trying a little more to actually talk instead of pointing and grunting! At certain moments, I can actually get him to say different sounds and words! Jeremy has him saying 'football'... not super clear, but exciting nonetheless! hehehe
Potty: I haven't been active on this at all... however, if he's in the bathroom with me and I'm on the toilet... most of the time, he'll sit on his own and at least attempt to do something. I'm pretty sure if I really wanted to get this done, he'd be potty-trained pretty soon... I'm just kind of taking it all in stride... the laid back approach. Maybe I'll start asking him more often, if he has to potty.
Here's all of the pictures I've edited & saved on my computer (some remain unedited and in the Kodak folder on my PC to be saved to disk later on) of Wyatt since the last entries... :) Keep in mind that my camera isn't working up to par... hence the blurry pics. Plus, Wyatt just won't stay put long enough to take pictures... in fact, he will intentionally not look at me if he sees the camera in my hands.
Oh, the pictures are also in order from oldest at the top to most recent at the bottom of the post.

Awww, how cute :)

The next few pictures of him in the yellow jacket were from a cool front we had :) It was hot again afterwards :)

What is this face? LOL I have NO idea... LMAO

Yes, mastering steps... some may have gotten this skill long ago but understand this... we don't have any steps in our house, so, no way for him to learn it until he comes upon them at other places (below is a pic of him on steps at the girls' school).

He just LOVES the kittens!
Swinging at my sister, Angele's, house.

Loves his cars, trucks, planes, etc

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Jessica said...

wow, you've been busy! Sucks that he might have chicken pox. I've not had anything like that b4, you? No right? C? Well they'll prob all get it now....even though when I was a baby Bobbie had it and I didn't get it then. Well....sounds like ecanachia (sp?) would be good to build up their immune system :) Of course YOU know that already.
I like the pic of him between the tree branches :) The ones w/the sun raise is cool! Of course he's a cute boy.
Don't forget to put up pics of his bo-bo's.