Sunday, May 20, 2007

Wyatt's 17 Months Old

These first picture were taken on May 20th, the day Wyatt turned 17 mth old. It was also the day that his cousin, Carter, had his 2 yr. old bday party... so, some pics were taken there and others in the car on the way home.

The rest of the pics were taken in his 16th month... pics that weren't yet posted in other entries between his 16th month and 17th month.

Wyatt's almost a year-and-a-half year old!!!

His newest thing to do is to blow :D He blows on his food :) Soooo cute!

Here's some pictures that were taken between the last post and his 17mth mark. In some of them, you'll see how he makes faces when he sees the camera pointing at him now! LOL You'll also see him on or near bikes... loves them! Loves dirt and rocks. LOVES Max, our dog, as you can see in the slide show (that's entirely too big for this blogger template, apparently!) :D And yes, he's mostly in just diapers when we're at home :)

Poor thing... He's his sister's plaything as well! Ursula has taken to dressing him up (in girl clothes) lately! Sometimes he comes out of the bedroom with a pink shirt and a purse... LOL What's alarming is how nice he looks in pink... hehehe But, he's such a cutie, he'd be handsome in anything :) Another thing he complies with is to be her baby. She'll make little sleeping areas and tell him to get there, he does... she puts the covers over him and he'll stay there for a little while. Its all so cute, really :)

Oh, can't forget... He just loves throwing things! Always. Anything. If he has the remote controller for the TV and you ask him for it, he throws it at you; with a smile on his face.

He can't stand his diapers... no matter if they're disposable or cloth. Cloth are harder for him to take off... he is constantly taking off his diapers. And guess what he does with them? Throws them at me! LOL

Also, he's been wanting to sit at the table to eat!!! That's very new! Its cute (of course!)... he'll point to the high chair or the booster seat.

He'll voluntarily go hug his sisters :) And when Jeremy gets home, he'll say, "Da!" and go hug his legs :) Sooooo cute! Jeremy'll pick him up and Wyatt'll give him this big hug :) I love it!

Of course he's still nursing. He does this irritating thing though... switching from side to side very frequently... ugh. He thinks its funny if I squirt him :)

He LOVES riding on people's backs (but not shoulders!) :D He will use whatever opportunity he finds to get on our backs... even his sisters :D

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