Tuesday, May 02, 2006

19 Weeks

My little man is growing and growing and growing...
Here he is practicing how to sit up on his own.
Here he is trying to crawl... no kidding... he really is.
He digs his elbows into the ground and pushes with his feet!
He manages to move a little forward, but mostly he goes in circles.
I can tell it won't be long until he's moving more and getting around easily.
Calista was crawling at 5 mths old; he reminds me so much of her.

And here he is doing his favorite thing along with his *new* thing.
He is constantly chewing on his hands, my hands, chew toys; and he has discovered his feet :D

And here's a close-up of his sweet face :D
His eyes are still light. I'm wondering if he'll have green eyes though.
He babbles all the time. Mostly he says, "ah-gah".
Sometimes it sounds like he says "mah".
Oh yeah, you can also see the drool on his chin in this picture! lol
He's a drool factory.
That little tooth hasn't poked its top out yet... but, I feel the lump under the gums.
Oh yeah, he's also doing something his dad does;
He has started chewing on his tongue!
He really does have such a sweet disposition.
He's always smiling.
He goes to most anyone; although lately, he seems to be slightly clingy.
I think he may be going through that phase when they realize they are separate from their mommy.
And as you can see, its hard for me to get those smiles still :D I need someone making him smile while I shoot the photo :D Oh well...
He has eyelashes like his cousin, Sophia :)
Still as bald as can be... lol
I wonder what hair color he'll have.
Wouldn't that be neat if he had green eyes and red hair?
I'm thinking his hair will be light because of how light his eye brows are still; but, who knows?

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Jessica said...

What a cutie! Yep, his eyebrows are still light...we'll see! I'm thinking that Veronice MIGHT have darker hair!
It's so funny reading your blog, b/c I SWEAR I could just copy and paste, and change the he's to she's and all would be true for Veronica :D She said mama the other night a few times...Jared heard it too :D