Monday, March 27, 2006

13 Weeks

Here's a picture of Wyatt that his Aunt Tasha took this past Saturday. Isn't he so cute??? hehehe She took a bunch of him and a few of my girls. They are all soooo precious! I can't wait to get the rest of them!

Also, I weighed him at her house too; he weighs 13.5lbs :D I need to measure him again but can't find the tape to do it right now.

And OMG, a HUGE thank-you to Kimber!!! She sent me a nice, nice camera!!! I'm in heavan!!! Its a Kodak Easyshare with 5.0 mp and 10x zoom! Its awesome!

I haven't really played with it too much yet, had a rather busy day but I can't wait to take some pictures!


Julie M. said...

That's one cute little boy.

Something you can do to measure him is lay him on a big piece of paper and mark where his head and feet end. Date it and use a tape measure when you are able to get to it. That way you don't lose out on his measurements on certain dates (if you like them done on certain dates).

Alison said...

Thanks Julie!

And that's a good idea... I'll see about doing something like that today; not sure if I have the paper that's long enough... shucks, maybe I'll find that doggone tape measurer; I know its around here somewhere!

Anonymous said...


I'm glad you like the camera! Enjoy!


Alison said...

Oh Kimber!!! I just LOVE this camera!!! You are so awesome! A million thanks!